6 – MONTH ADVANCED High-Performance Coaching.

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Experience powerful tools to help you discover more of your authentic self and to connect more deeply to your life purpose and natural flow state utilizing:

  • 16 custom zoom coaching sessions
  • Wealth Dynamics Profiling System
  • Human Design Chart
  • CWL Custom Wealth Assesment
  • Wealth Activation Blueprint
  • CWL Weekly Performance Modules
  • Live Ultimate Product Performance Kit
  • Video and Digital resorces
  • Unlimited Email Support

“The good life is expensive, there is another way to live that doesn’t cost as much, but it isn’t any good” -Spanish Distillers




The word Echelon refers to a “level of command”.  It is associated with the formation of a particular mission (such as in the military) and the formation is organized as a series of steps.  There’s an assault echelon, a support echelon, a forward echelon and a command echelon to name a few.  Each is assigned a particular mission in a particular order and in an organized synchronized timeframe. 

In order to become the highest expression of YOU and to master all areas of your life, health, business, finances, spirit, relationships and higher purpose, you must create a blueprint for living that follows a deliberate formation and unfolding of aligned steps, just like is done in the Echelon strategy.  It’s a proven system and has lead to many a victory!