Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is different about quantum coaching from regular life or business coaching?

A: The biggest difference is in the time you can expect to start seeing and feeling results. Quantum coaching and healing goes straight to the root of blocks, subconscious programs, and obstacles that are impacting you experiencing your peak states of happiness, wellness and performance and goes to work at clearing and releasing them quickly and permanently!

Q: I’ve received a Human Design and/or Gene Keys reading before, what makes your readings and sessions different?

A:  I draw upon my specialized training in both modalities to bring a new language and perspective to the readings I do with my clients.  I am also an intuitive channel, and I am able to “read between the lines” of your chart to interpret the information into real life examples specific to your current life path and experience. The sessions are highly customized and personalized to answer your most pressing questions!

Q: I’ve noticed that many of your sessions and programs are more of an investment financially than many other coaches and healers. Is there a reason for this?

A: Yes!  Not only am I supporting you with my advanced training in multiple healing and coaching modalities, but I am also drawing upon my over 20 years of experience in coaching, personal development, business, and healing work. Also, because the work my clients do with me is at the quantum level, my clients tend to need fewer sessions and see faster results than traditional and conventional modalities and therapies.

Q: I want to book a Human Design or Gene Keys reading, but I do not know my exact birth time. My parents say I was born around 10 am. Will this give me an accurate reading?

A:  No.  Unfortunately, the readings and algorithms of the chart software require exact information, not just “close enough”.  Your design has a diving timing and intelligence about it that was imprinted in you at the exact moment you were born.  You truly are a once in a lifetime cosmic event!

Q: How can I find out my exact birth time? It’s not on my birth certificate.

A: On most US birth certificates, the birth time is located on the long form certificate.  If you need to request a new birth certificate copy, you will need to contact the vital records office of the county of your birth.  (Be prepared for this to take several weeks and involve snail mail and notarization).  Here’s a link to a helpful article that may help you CLICK HERE.

Q: What kinds of results can I expect from working with you and your quantum coaching and healing?

A: There are all kinds of amazing shifts and awareness’s that show up from doing deep quantum work and connecting to your soul’s true purpose and calling.  Learn more HERE.   And check out the testimonials page for even more raving results HERE!