During the beginning of the pandemic before immunization was available, I had a serious injury in my foot that caused me to be laid up for months. During this time, I spent hours in self reflection and self study. As I explored these subjects I yearned to understand more and more. Curious about Human Design, I asked one of my alternative healers for recommendations on learning abut Human Design. Lucky for me she put me in touch with Chad. We started with exploring my Human Design. I had so many questions about how I “work” and why some things bother me vs others. Chad was able to shed so much light onto my personal Lili design that he cleared up decades worth of questions and blocks. Not only did we work through my Human Design but he also offers a step further, and I took the opportunity to invest more in myself and went for more sessions to learn what my Gene Keys are. Continuing with the lessons from Human Design, the Gene Keys insight allowed me to understand the shadow side of me with ease and grace. This proved invaluable in my journey and understanding what triggers me and why.

With such valuable insight, we then dove into Quantum Healing. I had already had numerous sessions with a wonderful Theta Healer, but again, felt called to take my soul to the next level and signed up for one of Chad’s longer term packages that had us meeting weekly for a period of time, and doing an Quantum /Theta Healing that we agreed we were being called to transmute in me. As we finished this extensive work up I felt called to work on starting up my life long dream business. I invested in myself and the incredible brilliance he offers to business entrepreneurs. His council for the steps to go from dream to reality have been solid and well thought out. As a spiritual being, I am no longer able to solely consider anything in my life at face value, without the consideration of God/ and my soul. Chad is gifted in this area as well and is able to channel significant wisdom that is particular to my exact situation and circumstances. His guidance and knowledge have been invaluable to me as a person, as an entrepreneur and as a spiritual being. I am forever grateful for his advice and council and cannot recommend any of his programs highly enough!!

Lili Fiore, Much Love Lili, LLC