Business-life was exhausting and I didn’t know why. While working with Chad, I saw how I was offering too many coaching services to too many kinds of people, and more importantly, how my fear of saying “no” caused me to overcommit to work I either wasn’t passionate about or well-suited for. Once we got clear on my ideal client, their core problem, and the solution I was best positioned to offer, Chad helped me automate my business to over-deliver for this one type of client. It was counter-intuitive at first, but when I saw my pipeline fill with leads I really got along with AND could pay for my services, I was thrilled. More importantly, my clients had problems I had already solved for myself. Serving them had just the right amount of challenge, and didn’t keep me awake at night anymore. They shared my values, and it made growing my company so much fun as I got to enjoy connecting with my clients more deeply than ever before.