The Decision Dilemma

Are you tired of feeling frustrated when it comes to decision making?  Sometimes do you wish someone would just come along and tell you what you should do or even make a decision for you?  I think we have all been there at times.  One of the worst feelings, in my opinion, is being torn between 2 or more options and not knowing which is the right one.  Or, better yet, not being able to even tell what it is that you actually want!

A Confidence issue

One of the main problems that we face as humans when it comes to decision making is that we are never taught how to make decisions.  The reason for this is that decision making is not a straight forward linear process.  Becoming masterful at making good decisions happens over time.  It is natural to not be proficient at anything that we do not have sufficient training and experience in.  Being experienced helps to create a feeling of confidence within us.  The more confident we are, the more easily we can be sure what to do.

Clarity is king

Another essential ingredient in good decision making is cultivating clarity.  Clarity is king when it comes to decision making.  Think about it, when you are clear about something, isn’t it much easier to see the path forward? Or at least to know what next step to take?  Well, the answer is you bet!  Did you know that clarity is not something you have to go out and get or even wait for?  Let me explain.  Clarity exists in the present moment.  When we dwell on the past or future, it creates fear and anxiety.  This blocks us from being able to see and feel clearly.  The more we can just be present with how we are feeling in our body in the moment, the more we can allow the mind to relax.

Get present to get clear

An unclear mind is simply because it is tired from having repetitive thoughts and feelings.  When most of these repetitive thoughts and feelings are troublesome and negative, it creates a heaviness that blocks creativity and clarity.  Focusing on relaxing the mind and deepening the breath is a quick and easy way to get out of your head and into a more open and expansive thought space.

Final thoughts on decision making

So the next time you feel like you are having a hard time with decision making take a pause and get present.  Give yourself the time and space to detach from the subject you feel unclear or unable to make a decision on.  The more you make disconnecting from the confusion a habit, it will eventually create a new pattern.  This new pattern is the key to you cultivating a new approach to decision making.  Remember, clarity and confidence come first and then easy decision making comes next!

Watch the video on decision making

For an even deeper explanation of the decision making process, be sure to watch the accompanying video here.

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