At some point in every entrepreneur or business owner’s journey, there will come a point where you are presented with the possibility or necessity of scaling your business. It seems that I see some big coach or business consultant talking about this topic nearly every time I hop on any social media outlet. There are coaches that have built entire businesses and programs around the central topic of helping you scale your business.

It always amazes me because many of the people that are saying that they want to “scale” their business is actually saying that without really understanding the implications of and what is involved with “scaling”. Put simply, they just have not idea what they are about to get themselves into. If you are reading this post, then it’s likely you have either thought on your own or have come across someone that says the answer to all of your business, growth, and revenue issues is to simply scale, scale, scale away! Go big! Expand! Go all the way!

A moment of pause

Not so fast. Be sure you have presented to yourself and answered the most important question of all.  That is “Why do I want to scale my business or project or life, etc.”? You must know your why or if you don’t immediately know your why, be willing to investigate to find out. You see, we as entrepreneurs, visionary leaders and business owners and innovators have been conditioned to believe that “bigger” is better. We assume because of the programming that in order to grow, increase profits, and become more successful that we need to scale.

The hard truth

Folks, I’m here to set the record straight. If you go scaling before you have increased your capacity to hold more, you are not going to be able to sustain fast sizable growth over the long range.  And if you are by some miracle able to sustain it, you will not be able to be happy, fulfilled and at peace.  Why you ask?  Because you are spending all of your time, energy and resources to “feed the machine”.  You did this because you thought or were told that it is what you need to do.

If all you want is to become more profitable, increase revenues, cultivate more fulfillment, create more engagement with your audience and customers, then DO THAT! You don’t need to scale and spread out “wider” adding more staff. And you do not need more machines or more complicated systems.  Nor do you need all the extra time and expenses that come along with all of that!

Where to focus

You must take your focus off the “business” itself and put the focus and attention on YOU for a bit. Keep your eye on the road but stop gripping onto the steering wheel so tight. What I’m really getting at here is that what if you reverse engineered this whole thing?  What if instead of trying to scale the business itself, you scaled YOU! Brilliant! We have just created a new paradigm of doing sustainable soul satisfying business!

The ultimate question then, becomes, “How can I best expand and increase my capacity to serve and give more”? Now, with that question, you are allowing life, universal forces and creative expression to bring you the answers to you. And that will uniquely help you to answer that question.

A closer look

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