What is a tolerations Assessment? 

One of the most powerful modules in my coaching programs is the module called Tolerations.  The results for my clients once they do this powerful inventory and assessment are profound.  It is a tool I have used for years.  It is surprisingly simple yet underused and missing from many coaching toolboxes.

I will set the scene and give you a little background.  I want you to take a moment and look on your life, past, present, and future and think about the idea of recurring patterns.  In this case, we are looking at patterns or “cycles” that we consider to be negative, undesirable, tiring, and draining.  These patterns and cycles have been likely at play in your life, relationships, finances, and career for as long as you can remember, or at least, there’s been some version of them that you can pinpoint.  I call this “Pinpointing your Patterns”.

What are the steps to a Tolerations Assessment?

You must first identify the problem.  How on earth can you remove or clear an unwanted pattern if you haven’t fully isolated or identified it?  Once you have identified at least one, (there could be more than one), but the main one is what you want to focus on.  Some examples are repeatedly running out of money, never having enough time, a series of toxic relationships, frequently getting fired, quitting, or being laid off from jobs.  It could even be gaining and losing weight over and over.  These are just a few of a number of patterns, cycles and loops that you could be experiencing.  A big key here is that it repeats.  No matter what you do or how often you have tried to shift it, it always comes back around.

This is because you are “stuck” in a limiting paradigm caused by a pattern or thought, energy or actions.  These root “causes” I have mentioned can be long standing and complex.  They may even need to be dealt with through subconscious energy work such as theta healing. (Click here to learn about theta work and doing work with me at the Quantum level).  Before we get too deep, let’s look at the idea of “tolerations”.  What are you continuing to “put up with”?  Has it ever occurred to you that unwanted things and situations could be showing up in your life because you continue to allow them to be there?

The moment of truth

It is always a tough pill to swallow when we realize that, unfortunately, most of our suffering and limitations are self inflicted.  But, the great news is that since we are largely responsible for creating them, we also have the power to shift, reverse, and heal from our self imposed limits! One of the fastest and simplest ways to begin shifting unwanted patterns is to do a Tolerations Inventory.  This does not need to be complicated or drawn out.  Just write down the pattern you want to shift.  Then write beside it all of the things that come along with it that you repeatedly “put up with”.

Here’s an example.  Let us say that you have a continually repeating pattern that at the end of every month, you always seem to come up short on your finances.  There is more going out than coming in.  No matter how hard you have tried to shift this.  Along with this recurring pattern, what have you become accustomed to?  Are you just used to the fact that your expenses will be higher than your income, for example?  Do you let go of your desires and dreams for more?  Have you become complacent to the fact that you are just unable to do the things in life that you want because there never seems to be any money left over for you? This, of course, is just one example, there are as many patterns as there are people.

Final thoughts

Here’s a final question to ponder.  Where in your life are you ready, willing, and able to put up a boundary with yourself?  Where are you ready to say, “I will no longer tolerate this”?

Ready for a deeper discussion and examples of this topic of “tolerations”?  If so, you will want to watch my recent YouTube video on “Tolerations” by clicking here.  Be sure to leave your declaration in the comments for what you are no longer tolerating!