How most of us have been taught

Most of us have been taught the same formula and recipe to manifest and ask for what we want in our lives. There are variations but it usually goes something like this. Decide what you want. Visualize it, get a clear vision of it in your mind and fixate on it and create affirmations. Believe that it’s already here. Wait to receive. In the meantime, take small, aligned actions towards its attainment. Etc. I don’t disagree with any of this.  But it is all solid good advice and directions right?

A new perspective

But here is a higher perspective to manifesting what you want. First, know that you are continually manifesting all the time without being consciously aware that you are doing, orchestrating, or planning it. You have a natural “attractor field” that serves as a powerful “tractor beam”.  (My Star Trek fans will know exactly what this is) that draws things into your energy field naturally. (NOTE: I go into detailed descriptions and mechanics of how your individual attractor field works in my gene keys sessions and immersions).

And it is also important to note that we create and manifest with our words.  We also speak things into existence.  We do this by asking, praying, and affirming.  Spoken word is one of the most powerful ways of bringing your desires closer to you.  Examining your word choices and very carefully and deliberately crafting them is a key to successful attraction and manifestation.

The “hack” to change it all

Ok, so here is a powerful tip and hack that will instantly “supercharge” your spoken and written intentions, affirmations, incantations and prayers. Add the word “even” to everything you are asking for or desiring “more” of. So even will be added before more. The reasoning and psychology from an elevated perspective of why adding this simple word amplifies the potency of the desire is because of this.

Because when we ask for more, we are unintentionally pointing out to the universe that there isn’t enough.  And we want more to fill that space of recognizing there isn’t “enough”.  But this is a scarcity-based space. A quick and easy way to negate this unintended scarcity dynamic is to simply add the word even more. This acknowledges what already is, meaning what you already have, and says to the universal field, “more of this thing that I like and appreciate please”! Can you feel the more powerful expansive approach to this way of manifesting?

A further look

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